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andee's world: 1982

andee's world

Hello and welcome to my blog. This space will be devoted to opinions, observations, lists, articles and whatever else I feel like posting. Subjects will include music, human nature, politics, life in NYC, etc. If I paste someone else's writing up here, it is because the author said something way better than I ever could. By the way, I don't claim to be a particularly smart guy; I'm just a musician with some opinions. If you disagree with me, that's cool -- but then, you're probably wrong.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Today I got a restaurant check that totaled $19.82. And that made me start thinking, for some reason, of all the great albums I know that were released in the year 1982. A few popped to mind right away: The Cure's Pornography, Michael Jackson's Thriller. When I got home I decided to search for a complete list of album releases from that year. And here are a few -- just a few! -- from that list:

REM Chronic Town
Robert Plant Pictures at Eleven
Led Zeppelin Coda
Bauhaus The Sky's Gone Out
The Go Go's Vacation
Venom Black Metal
Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance
Iron Maiden Number of the Beast
Accept Restless and Wild
Culture Club Kissing to Be Clever
Adam Ant Friend of Foe
Bad Religion How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Circle Jerks Group Sex
The Clash Combat Rock
Fleetwood Mac Mirage
Gary Moore Corridors of Power
Violent Femmes Violent Femmes
Prince 1999
Janet Jackson Janet Jackson
Pete Tonwshend All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes
Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel
Motorhead Iron Fist
Mercyful Fate Nuns Have No Fun
Misfits Walk Among Us
A Flock of Seagulls A Flock of Seagulls
Depeche Mode A Broken Frame
Meat Puppets Meat Puppets
Kate Bush The Dreaming
King Crimson Beat
Billy Idol Billy Idol
Cocteau Twins Garlands
Dead Kennedys Plastic Surgery Disasters
Descendents Milo Goes to College
Queen Hot Space
The Replacements Stink
Van Halen Diver Down
The Damned Strawberries
Squeeze Singles 45 and Up
The Scorpions Blackout
Siouxsie and the Banshees A Kiss in the Dreamhouse

Is it me, or is that a MIND-BLOWING amount of per-capita awesomeness? Good lord!

I mean, are great albums being put out at that rate today?

Wait, don't answer that question...

Click the headline for the entire list.


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