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andee's world: April 2007

andee's world

Hello and welcome to my blog. This space will be devoted to opinions, observations, lists, articles and whatever else I feel like posting. Subjects will include music, human nature, politics, life in NYC, etc. If I paste someone else's writing up here, it is because the author said something way better than I ever could. By the way, I don't claim to be a particularly smart guy; I'm just a musician with some opinions. If you disagree with me, that's cool -- but then, you're probably wrong.

Monday, April 30, 2007


in the CD player lately:

Kylie Minogue Fever and Body Language
!!! Myth Takes
Her and King's County City Country
R.E.M. Reckoning
Annie Anniemal
David Bowie Pinups
LCD Soundsystem The Sound of Silver
RAMONES Ramones (deluxe remastered reissue)
Leah Seigel Little Mule

in the DVD/VHS player lately:

Madonna I'm Going to Tell You a Secret and Confessions Tour
Fawlty Towers
Classic Albums: Dark Side of the Moon
Forty Shades of Blue
Five Easy Pieces
Sonic Youth: 1991 The Year Punk Rock Broke


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Stop Apologizing!

Ok, everyone, I realize that our President is an embarrassing boob and his administration a giant ball of corruption and dishonesty, but I'm sick of people on the left constantly apologizing for being American. It's almost as annoying as the cowboy swagger of ignorant rightists spouting "America is the greatest country on earth" at every turn.

Do I really need to explain that America is a phenomenal place that has given birth to some of the most extraordinary humans ever to walk on this planet?

And while I'm on the subject, white people apologizing for being white are getting tiresome, too -- for fuck's sake, be the best pale-skinned mo-fo you can be and stop simpering. It's not as if the only virtuous people in the world are non-whites. We've ALL got our problems.

One more thing -- straight folks acting like they're above being straight. I know that the stereotypical racist frat boy homophobe dickhead is an unfortunate reality, but he doesn't represent every hetero on earth. And hey, check this out: there are some ignorant, racist, dishonest homos out there, too.

I mean, really. All the excessive self-loathing is really unbecoming.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Ten Pebbles In My Shoe

1. Nightlife photo blogs (, indierotica, etc) and the scenesters who are so desperate to pose for them.

(wow, that pout looks really spontaneous! I bet you didn't practice it a thousand times at home with your digital camera!)

2. Bouncers who use the pathetic thimbleful of authority they're given to exact a power trip on people. Man, oh man -- you guys are L. O. S. E. R. S.

3. People who wear Motorhead shirts but don't know any Motorhead songs other than "Ace of Spades."

4. That band The Editors. Every time I hear one of their songs on satellite radio, I think, "oh no, it's Interpol." Then I look at the display and find out it is in fact The Editors, who sound exactly like Interpol, who in turn sound exactly like Joy Division. Which begs the question: when will we be hearing the first wave of Editors soundalikes? I can't wait!!

5. People who wear Ramones shirts but don't know any Ramones songs except "I Wanna Be Sedated."

6. Three words: namedropping, namedropping, namedropping.

7. People with mohawks whose knowledge of punk rock goes no deeper than "Rock the Casbah."

8. The MTA's lost-or-stolen Metrocard Insurance Policy: if your monthly card is lost or stolen and was purchased with a credit card, the MTA will generously refund you $2.53 per day for each day you had left on the card. What the hell is that? That's little more than one ride on the damn train! Who just rides the subway once in a day? At the very least, you've gotta return from wherever you went, no? Cheap bastards.

9. People who wear Misfts shirts but only know....well, they usually don't know ANY Misfits songs.

(Consumer tip: listen to the Misfits!!)

10. People who go on and on about how great things used to be and how everything sucks now. Hey, you! Everything's just great, so why don't you slap a big smile on that gorgeous puss and shut up?!

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Friday, April 06, 2007

Satellite Radio Rants and Raves for This Week

First of all, PRAISE JESUS, my prayers have been answered: Sirius has finally added a bloody PUNK CHANNEL!! I am psyched!! No DJs, no talking, no breaks, just piles of the Descendents, the Pistols, UK Subs, T.S.O.L., etc. They even cycle in some Motorhead occasionally, which proves they know what they're doing over there. I'm going to be spending alot of time at this channel. I'd like to think my complaint letters to Sirius had something to do with this very happy development.

And this was cool: last night I was listening to Blog Radio on the Left of Center channel and this dj, who goes by the name of Brooklyn Vegan, is playing all the usual Arcade Fire, Decemberists, Bloc Party, etc. THEN he hauls off and plays a friggin' MASTODON track. Right on!! I love the fact that wormy little hipsters all over the country were screwing up their faces over that one. I wish more people would break down barriers like that and not give flying toss what anyone thinks of it.

MOST ANNOYING SONG OF THE MOMENT is definitely this inspid Of Montreal track whose chorus goes "c'mon chemica-oh-o-o-oh-oh-als!" about a billion times in a row. It's supposed to be some wiseacre's idea of a bipolar rock anthem. You can take them and the Apples In Stereo and bury them in the bottom of the sea. What a stupid song.

And if Of Montreal have The Most Annoying Song of the Moment, then the first runner-up would have to go to a band called, I think, The Blow (or maybe it's They Blow). They have a song whose chorus, sung by this woman with a cutesy little girl voice, goes "when you're holding me, we make a pair of parenthesis" and it's just so precious and annoying, it makes me wanna pull a John Belushi in Animal House, where he yanks the guitar out of the hippie singer's hands and smashes it to bits against the wall.

Also in the Highly Un-recommended Department: the other day I was unfortunate enough to hear this horrible, maudlin, piano-and-vocal rendition of the Replacements' classic "Bastards of Young," sung by Jesse Malin. God, it was so pointless and whiny, it made me sprint across the room to my beloved copy of Tim so I could hear the original version in all its unspoiled, ratty glory. The fact that Malin has been encouraging this "the next Paul Westerberg" type of hype around himself only makes it seem more desperate. .

I was also thinking that, while Sirius radio is a blessing in my life and I do love it ever so, I am mildly annoyed at the somewhat conservative playlists. I mean, the programming includes tons of fantastic music, but it's also a relatively narrow band of artists and songs that get hand-picked for heavy rotation. I know there are hundreds of great bands that aren't getting any airtime on Left Of Center, for instance, because instead we must hear the same Hold Steady and Arctic Monkeys songs twenty times a day. I mean, commercial free radio with dozens of music stations is such a great idea -- why can't they go all the way with this and make it truly revolutionary?


Monday, April 02, 2007

Resistance Is Futile

Annie, "Chewing Gum."